Theresa von Schultes

May 2017

My name is Theresa von Schultes and I am a single mother to five boys. I have two children who attend Booker T. Washington Community Center. My children who are currently enrolled are Phoenix Lawson age 9 and Slater Lawson age 6 and I have three older adult boys, who also attended this organization as children. This organization has provided my children with opportunities that are very beneficial to their childhood. If it was not for Booker T. Washington Community Center my children would not have these opportunities.

Booker T. Washington provides a safe and positive environment for my boys to attend. While they attend the after school program they received help with their school work and any behavioral or emotional issues that they may express are dealt with and reported to me immediately. They are encouraged to display positive behavior and the staff has been greatly appreciated mentors for my boys. My children are able to ride a school bus to Booker T. where they are provided a daily snack. This organization has been very beneficial for me because it is affordable and provides life molding skill to my boys. I suffer from several health issues which make it very complicated for me to actively participate in physical activities. Booker T. allows my children to be active in an environment that is safe and rewarding in my children’s everyday life. I am very thankful that my children have the opportunity to attend Booker T. Washington Community Center.

My son Phoenix has been able to participate in basketball with the help of this organization. Booker T. provided the basketball them with a place to practice and during off season provided him the opportunity to practice his basketball skills. During the Christmas Holidays my children participated in a community event Christmas Program and they were given a Christmas present. As a single mother with limited income I am very blessed that my children are able to be involved in a very rewarding organization. Booker T. Washington also offers a summer program that my boys attend and this program allows my children to go on field trips which include going to the movies, going skating, going to the YMCA and going to a local water park. Due to my physical health and low income situation I am not able to take my children to these places and so their lives are positively influenced by being able to attend and be a part of this program and organization.

For any information or questions regarding how Booker T. Washington Community Center has influenced me or my children’s lives you can contact me by asking the Booker T. administration for my contact information.


Theresa von Schultes


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