Stacey Norwood

BTW Community Center (BTWCC) was an instrumental part of my personal development. My years at BTWCC started when I was about 5 – 6 years old, I remember going to swimming lessons and learning to swim at a young age. Outside of swimming, I met a large group of other kids in the community that became a support group throughout my years of school and are now lifelong friends. We grew up together competing in multiple sports at BTWCC (i.e., basketball, volleyball, ping pong, pool, soccer, softball, etc), but more than sports we were exposed to cultural activities like arts and craft, dance and music. These activities helped me broaden my horizon and see that there is a bigger world than Enid and more specifically Southern Heights. Today, when I am doing an activity with my kids they may ask how do you know how to do this, my answer is, I grew up at BTWCC.

Stacey Norwood
Focus On The Family
Director of Information Technologies
Colorado Springs, CO


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