Maurice Allen

At the age of 39yrs old I am able to stand tall and look back over my life with little to no regrets. I currently hold a six figure plus income position with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles along with one start up in Premier Image, LLC.


I serve in the greatest Pentecostal Holiness Organizations in the world as an Elder, District Auxiliary in Ministries President, State Jurisdictional Sunday School Superintendent, and Regional Sunday School Superintendent for the International Sunday School Department in the Oklahoma Region for the Churches of God In Christ, Inc.


In 2016 I finished my MBA from a Forbes School of Business, Ashford University located in San Diego, California. I graduated from Missouri Baptist University as a transfer from the University of Central Oklahoma by way of Missouri Baptist University with my undergraduate’s degree earning my Bachelors of Science in Sports Medicine. Majority of my education was made affordable through an NAIA-National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Varsity Scholarship.


Taking note of each mile stone achieved, I am reminded of the adversities and the remarkable leaders that took time to help mold my character. They ultimately prepared me for the acute moments where I would experience the testy dilemmas of critically thinking while making momentous decisions for myself and the future. The intestinal fortitude, perseverance, the will, the drive, the press, the humbleness in victory, the comradery, the decision making for others, the assuming of responsibility of my own action, the not feeling sorry for myself, the ability to follow through, and speak with words that could not be misunderstood, the no sagging of pants, the respect for others, and the ability to move with purpose in all areas of life.


There are many people and organizations that can take claim to the building of this character I possess, but if you take away Booker T. Washington Community Center aka BTW an organization that I was born into, this testimony would most likely be from a troubled position where little to no outside influences would be acceptable. With the tutoring of Mrs. Dorese Allen, and the coaching and direction of Clifford Porter, I was afforded the developing skill sets. A few examples are learning how to swim, playing on my first organized basketball team, arts and crafts, learning how to read and write, and ultimately not accepting normal as a way of life. BTW is a part of my DNA; at the age of 39 when I enter the building the disciplines that were instilled in me some 32 years ago quickly surface. I still, out of obedience to the teachings received and the respect of those who took time out with me and the organization they serve, "Sign In at the Front Desk" while giving my Aunt "Pinky" Mary Laster a hug and kiss followed by the words I love you. Why do I do this? Like I said before, the people at BTW are family and the children can see themselves in the future when they look at me.


Please remember Booker T. Washington Community Center and never forget there’s a future me attending there now.



Producing Remarkable Outcomes