La Donna Ware

Booker T. Washington School/Center has been an integral part of my family history. My father and all of his siblings (ten in total) attended Booker T. Washington High School and all graduated from the school before integration. My father and uncles all played basketball and baseball under the leadership of the coaches at the school. They acquired the ability to be part of a team; depending on others and having others depend on them. This was the foundation which led all of them to the military to serve their country. My aunts received their basic education at Booker T. with two of them attending college at Langston University.


During my teenage years, this was the hangout for the young men to play basketball and of course the young ladies watched. One of my cousins spent many evenings playing and hanging out at the center. Many of the guys played for Enid High School but they honed their skill at the Booker T. Washington Center. During this time, my father gave back to the community by being a board member for many years at the Center. Many hours were dedicated to assure the doors of the center were open with very little funds. Following in my father’s footsteps, I have volunteered on the board for the past years.


The Center saw the third generation with my son attending the after-school program for two years. The teachers assisted with his school studies, which afforded us more quality time in the evenings. It was a comfort for me to know that while I was finishing my last two hours at work my son was safely being cared for at the Center. The staff that worked with my son are still concerned about him and acquire after him frequently. My grand-niece and nephew are the fourth generation to attend the summer program where they have made new friends. They enjoy the activities that the Center provides; swimming, art classes, picnics, and the other events.


The Ware Family has many memories of the Booker T. Washington School/Center and looks forward to the future generations’ experiences.


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